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Alan Drew

Alan Drew PhD (Practicing Holistic Druid) a fourth generation Psychic Medium who's worked Internationally as a Professional Medium, Psychic Detective, Animal Reader and Spiritualist Consultant for over 20 years now. He is a healer who combines Earth, Chi, Crystal and Pranic Healing to bring you a unique universal healing experience. He works for Psychic Today/TV on SKY Channel 886 as well as for Mediums Now.

A Fourth Generation Psychic Medium, Angeologist, Demonologist, and Exorcist. He has been working professionally for over 20 years now and is a fully insured practicing Psychic Medium and holistic therapist. He is Clairvoyant, Clair sentient and Clairaudient who attunes to your energy and vibrations directly through the heart chakra on a loving and emotional link, his readings can be an emotional and cleansing experience. Alan channels your guides, loved ones, family and friends and connects directly to (what I call) you're unique universal fingerprint which is trace energy left behind by your personal lifetimes. He also use various tools like Tarot, Angel, Oracle cards, Ogham Staves as well as the crystal ball and pendulum too.

Alan works with a spiritual counsel of 12 which are made up of loved one's who have passed, guides, elemental spirits, angels and a surgeon so he can look into lots of different issues around you as well as medical.

Drew's Brothers Rock & Blues Show Every Friday night from 10pm to 12pm presented by Alan Drew where he will be playing in Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, 80'S Synthpop, industrial, Gothic Rock, New Wave, Dark wave and much more. He will also be looking at gig guides, club nights, upcoming rallies, festivals.........

Martin Drew

Martin is an experienced radio presenter having previously been on air with Total Biker FM (TBFM Online). He is a motorcyle enthusiast and enjoys heavy rock like the bands Black Sabbath and Motorhead He has been interested in rock and blues music for over 20 years and this has been influenced by playing the guitar for 15 years and also the harmonica for 5 years. His experience in playing musical instruments makes him appreciate the depth of music from the scale and pitch to the harmonies and impact of good lyrics.

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