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The following information is the basic chat room rules and proper etiquette that will ensure a pleasant chat room experience for yourself and the other people in the room.

When you enter the chat room show proper etiquete and always greet everyone whether you know them or not. Do not interrupt the conversation in progress and wait until there is a lull before speaking. When a new person enters the room you should greet their presence with a friendly " Hi or Hello" (screen name).

The most important rule is do not verbally abuse, attack, embarrass or threaten anyone else in the chat room, no matter what has been said to you. There are bound to be troublemakers on the internet however the best way to deal with offensive comments is ignore them or simply leave the room. Do not use obsence, offensive or sexually explicit language. You do not need to use this kind of language to speak to someone and get your point across to others as this is considered rude. If you want to *emphasize* a word or phrase, simply type an asterisk in before and then directly after your word or phrase. This is a widely recognized way to get your point across without being rude.

Please note that advertising in the chatroom is strictly forbidden; you may offer URLs if people ask for a specific site type but no recruiting.

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