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Carl Warr

Carl first came up with the idea of Pulse Talk Radio over three years ago as a way of mixing his interest of the paranormal and his own clairvoyant skills and his avid interest in various types of music. Carl is a strong believer in the paranormal and enjoys testing his clairvoyant skills and sharing his knowledge with others.

He is also very practical and does look for the logical answers and questions his clairvoyance skills regarding the information he is given and where it came from and why.

Tomo Warrinton

Thomas began his paranormal journey at the age of ten on receiving a book regarding the Enfield poltergeist. From that moment he knew his passion and love affair for the strange and sub normal, which range from poltergeists to ufo's.

Thomas has worked with many ghost hunting companies, local groups and has now begun his journey into writing for some of the biggest paranormal magazines in the world which include, Phenomena magazine, Supernatural magazine, Beyond Parazine and others. Having travelled up and down the country investigating claims of the paranormal, being interviewed for radio and newspapers he thinks it's now time for a new challenge.

Barry Frankish

Barry Frankish was born in Hemsworth West Yorkshire in January 1971. He was brought up in the mining town of Featherstone just a few miles away and at an early age did not really have an interest in the paranormal. The first encounter he experienced was on a school residential course with

some school friends when they all witnessed vivid blue lights coming from a treeline near some old railway tracks at a set of Barracks that was used to help injured first World war soldiers recouperate.

Jane Broom

Jane Broom

Jane is a no frills spiritualist/clairvoyant who is extremely down to earth, she has always had a healthy interest in the paranormal. Jane also presented her own show on local radio and her people skills, passion for music make her a very diverse person. She has a big heart and likes to promote peace and happiness for everyone.



Tracey became interested in the paranormal through her own personal experiences. She assists in the day to day running of Pulse Talk Radio. Tracey edits the website and site text so that the website it kept upto date.


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