Barry Frankish

Barry Frankish was born in Hemsworth West Yorkshire in January 1971. He was brought up in the mining town of Featherstone just a few miles away and at an early age did not really have an interest in the paranormal. The first encounter he experienced was on a school residential course with some school friends when they all witnessed vivid blue lights coming from a treeline near some old railway tracks at a set of Barracks that was used to help injured first World war soldiers recouperate.

Barry's interest in the paranormal resumed after he moved to Doncaster met his partner and started a family and also survived a serious cycling accident where he had not worn a helmet. He was informed that if the car that hit him was going a few miles per hour faster he would have been dead because his head hit the windscreen and then the road so life was put in perspective for him. In time his interest in the paranormal got stronger and Barry built up a vast library of related books both new and secondhand. He was starting to investigate mainly public areas first and word got around people started contacting me regarding their experiences they had. He was cataloging his records and experiences along with what others had been sharing with him.

One of his most memorable experiences was when he was not even looking for one infact he was driving at the time and It was in the early hours of a Sunday morning he was attending a car boot sale at the Doncaster Racecourse. This particular morning wasn't too dark it was dry and quite warm and having come across a roundabout the drive down the road known as Legerway he noticed what he thought was a smaller animal heading towards his car from the pavement side. He noticed that as it crossed his front headlamps it was a part of a disembodied brown boot in a running motion and then disappeared when it got to the other side of the road. The experience fuelled his passion for the paranormal. He started buying cameras, torches etc to see if they would aid him in his research.

As the years passed he tried many methods but found the simplest ones worked best for him were cameras, torches and trigger objects and once in a while evp. He then turned to Facebook and noticed that there were groups for more or less anything you could image and this gave him the idea of creating a public paranormal group. Everyone could share experiences and findings maybe advertise events along with classifieds also where he could share what I had discovered and that's when the group people know as BRF Paranormal was born, a group that do not judge or ridicule people who maybe are a little weary about coming forward or not know where to turn when it comes to the paranormal, everyone is treated equally and respected and one of the groups rules is that all members are to respect other members beliefs and an thing they may share within the group.

Barry FitzGerald appeared on Pulse's Pure Paranormal Show 27th June 2017 with Tomo Warrington the show host.

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