Carl Warr

Carl has always been a strong believer in the paranormal and had his first paranormal experience when he was about six years old. His grandfather worked as a live in caretaker at the Old Palace Deansway in Worcester and Carl would stay with his grandparents alot this was where his first experience occured. His Great Nan was a clairvoyant her name was Nell Cherry and she was involved in spiritual circles in Birmingham, this is where his ability comes from.

He had always been fascinated with the Isle of Wight as his Nan would tell him stories about the island and how spiritual it was. Carl moved to the island in 2000 and has lived here on and off for the last seventeen years. He has had numerous paranormal experiences in many of the haunted locations on the island. Carl always enjoys testing his clairvoyant skills and sharing his knowledge with others he has helped alot of people over the years with spiritual readings, he also is very accurate with his predictions. Carl is also very practical and does look for the logical answers and questions his clairvoyance skills regarding the information he is given and where it came from and why?

Carl has always enjoyed listening to music and has an avid interest in music and the way it is created. He listens deeply to the lyrics used by many artists and has a great understanding of the meaning of the words. The radio is a good way to communicate with the outside world and so this is a new outlet for Carl to help and inspire others......

Tracey Warr

Tracey became interested in the paranormal when she was a child because her grandmother was always talking about predictions and what would happen in the future. In her teenage years she lived in Germany as her dad was in the army, they lived in the town of Bergen and her dad was stationed at Hohne which is the army camp that was situated near where the Belson Concentration camp used to be. Tracey would often cycle through the woods from Bergen to Hohne and this is the route that the jewish people were led to get to the camp. She would often see things out the corner of her eye or hear voices on the wind as this woodland is quite remote and quite a distance from the main road.

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