Charmaine Howard

Charmaine Howard is a Reiki Master and Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Emotional Freedom Counsellor from Cape Town, South Africa.

Married to Mark Howard, she has studied and consulted with some of the top people in her field to be recognised as one of the country's leading holistic and wellness healers and trainers today.

Her continuation and devotion to her field and study ensures that she is always at hand to have the latest information on our health and (whilst) working closely with her Guides, ensures that she provides and accurate reading for her clients every time.

No stranger to radio, she will be presenting the Road to Wellness show on Pulse Talk Radio, every Monday night from 7:30pm to 9:30pm GMT.

Bringing you the latest health and wellness news, tips, healthy living ideas mixed with top tunes along with quizzes to get you grey matter working.

Paul Devlin

Paul Devlin has over 20 years experience of researching the supernatural, as well as 7 years presenting experience, mainly in live radio. He has a wealth of knowledge about the vast subject of the paranormal and has presented at seminars and conferences all over Europe. He is in demand because Paul believes that the views of sceptics are just as important as those of believers which enables him to give the subject the balance required.

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