Clair Ann Merryweather

Clair is a working psychic and spiritual medium and has been working spiritually for 7 years. Clair initially trained as a Spiritual Healer and is qualified with the International Federation Of Healers. She then trained under the Reiki Lineage and is qualified to Reiki two. Having managed to overcome serious health problems being in severe pain every day Clair then trained to help heal others.

Clair has a deep faith in God and a real love of the Christian faith into which she was born. However Clair would describe herself as being spiritual and not religious and she has a love and respect for all faiths. It is her belief that there are many paths to the One God.

Clair currently has her own studio where she does one to one readings on both a psychic and mediumistic level. She constantly seeks to improve her psychic and mediumistic abiliy and often attends courses at the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted and Stafford which is one of the worlds foremost Psychic Studies College. Clair has had several world class mentors . Her first being Tony Stockwell, A TV Medium and author whose teaching she loves and has spent time in Italy, Egypt and London learning with him. She is currently mentored by World Class medium and teacher Paul Jacobs who has without doubt taken Clair to the next level of mediumship with his brilliant teaching.

Clair deeply loves what she does and always hopes to help others with her readings. She hopes to provide those that have lost loved ones with the knowledge that they are safe and well on the other side. For those who have lost loved ones this can provide a great comfort and also teaches us about the true meaning of our own existence too. Lots of people come to her looking not to contact the spirit world but for guidance in their lives and Clair always hopes to have helped in a positive way often empowering the sitter to look within to the power of their own soul for answers as well as the help she can give using her psychic ability.

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Carl Warr

Carl has always been a strong believer in the paranormal and had his first paranormal experience when he was about six years old. His grandfather worked as a live in caretaker at the Old Palace Deansway in Worcester and Carl would stay with his grandparents alot this was where his first experience occured. His Great Nan was a clairvoyant her name was Nell Cherry and she was involved in spiritual circles in Birmingham, this is where his ability comes from.

He had always been fascinated with the Isle of Wight as his Nan would tell him stories about the island and how spiritual it was. Carl moved to the island in 2000 and has lived here on and off for the last seventeen years.

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