David Farrant

David grew up with alternative explanations for the unexplainable by his mother who was why he had leaning towards Wicca and the paranormal. The family home in Highgate's Shepherd's Hill was the haunt of a peculiar entity which seemed to predate the Victorian villa and David and his childhood friends spent many hours engrossed in local mysteries. Sadly David's mother passed away when he was only 13 years old. He was so independent that at the age of 15 David travelled across Europe with a few pounds in his pockets and a sleeping bag in a rucksack. The adventures were enough to fill a book, Shadows In The Night.

In his late teens David became a misunderstood figure in Highgate Village, where it became the centre of intensive paranormal activity focussed around its famous cemetery. He and his pet macaw perched on his shoulder gained the nickname 'Birdman'. To Highgate residents he was known to be 'vampire hunter'. He had resumed contact with some of his mothers' friends and this is when his interest in Wiccan progressed to the Third Degree Initiation and so he formed his own coven. David began experimenting in High Maigck to his development rituals and in 1967 the British Psychic and Occult Society was founded. Unfortunately for David his unconventional methods were exploited by the media and this led to him being convicted in 1974 at the Old Bailey London for Witchcraft.

It was David's research into The Highgate Vampire and attempts to make contact with this entity which would prove to be so catastrophic at his 1974 trial. He has investigated not just this case but many others, all over the UK. You can read about some of these investigations within David's many books especially Dark Journey. In 2009 and 2011 David added to his written work by publishing the first and second volumes of his autobiography, appropriately titled 'In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire', and 'Out of the Shadows'.

David still holds public talks where he invites as much audience participation as possible. With several more books planned ahead, and currently under contract for several documentaries and another biopic film, David is still very much as enthusiastic about the paranormal and unknown as when he first started out all those years ago.

David appeared on Pure Paranormal show with Tomo Warrington on Tuesday 13th December 2016.

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