Dr. Ciaran O' Keeffe

Ciaran has a diverse background starting in the USA in 1994 with a Liberal Arts Degree at Washington College, majoring in Music and Psychology. He wrote a honors thesis on paranormal experiences. For the next 3 years he worked in Nursing, research in spontaneous cases and a brief stay in Spain he returned to UK in 1997 with a MSc Investigative Psychology at Liverpool University. His master's dissertation examined the utility of psychic detectives and the style of their narratives. From 1999 to 2006, he was employed as a psychology lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, assisting with both criminal psychology and parapsychology teaching.

In 2005, Ciaran was awarded a Doctorate entitled ' Assessing the content of advice given by practitioners claiming paranormal ability,' (focusing on psychics and mediums) at the University of Hertfordshire. During his time at University of Hertfordshire, Ciaran was fortunate enough to be involved in several Perrott-Warrick Research Unit projects (e.g. 'ghosts' at Hampton Court and Edinburgh Vaults), also taking time off for other cases and unusual assignments (including a dream project, and exorcism research).

He currently holds a Research Associate position at Universite de Toulouse. In addition Ciaran can be seen appearing on paranormal TV shows such as Living TV's Most Haunted and Jane Goldman Investigates where he provides a sceptical voice and regularly battles with all manner of mediumistic communication.

Ciaron O'Keefe appeared on Pulse's Pure Paranormal Show 18th April 2017 with Tomo Warrington the show host.

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