Jane Broom

Jane is a no frills spiritualist/clairvoyant who has many years experience in private investigations and spirit removal. She is always open to spirit communication and uses her guides and cards to give readings for people.

Jane has presented on the local radio before when she has her own show. She has excellent people skills and with her bright and bubbly personality she is a great radio presenter. Jane has a passion for music and this makes her very diverse and she always plays a great mix of music on her show.

Jane has a very kind and big heart and so likes to promote peace and happiness for everyone.

Broadcasting from the Broom cupboard with Jane Broom every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm with psychic readings, meditation, great music and general discussions about the world of the paranromal.....

If you would like some more information about Broadcasting from the Broom cupboard or to catch up on Jane's previous shows via her website click here to visit her website

Carl Warr

Carl has always been a strong believer in the paranormal and had his first paranormal experience when he was about six years old. His grandfather worked as a live in caretaker at the Old Palace Deansway in Worcester and Carl would stay with his grandparents alot this was where his first experience occured. His Great Nan was a clairvoyant her name was Nell Cherry and she was involved in spiritual circles in Birmingham, this is where his ability comes from.

He had always been fascinated with the Isle of Wight as his Nan would tell him stories about the island and how spiritual it was. Carl moved to the island in 2000 and has lived here on and off for the last seventeen years.

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