Jason Day

Jason Day is a paranormal researcher and author originally from North Lincolnshire. He now living with his wife and daughter in Essex. As the father of a four year old Jason has discovered the importance of time management, editorial patience, locking your laptop and very strong coffee.

Jason cut his journalistic teeth as the longest serving features writer for Paranormal Magazine in the UK, and as a contributor to FATE Magazine, Ghost Voices and The Paranormal Inquisitor newspaper in the USA. In May 2010 he published his first book It's Only A Movie Isn't It? and was then approached by The History Press in the UK to write for them.

His works under The History Press now include Haunted Scunthorpe, Haunted Grimsby, Paranormal Essex, Haunted Chelmsford with two more titles Haunted Colchester, Bloody British History: Colchester and Shadows On The Road: The Haunted Highways And Byways Of Britain due for release in the future.

Jason is no stranger to radio, he was co-host of the award winning White Noise Paranormal Radio Show in the UK and has interviewed many famous paranormal celebrities such as James Randi, Lorraine Warren, Nike Pope, Stanton Friedman, Jason Karl, Derek Acorah, Richard Felix, Dr Ciaran O'Keefe, Ian Lawman and many more. He is a regular guest on paranormal radio shows and his local BBC Radio.

Jason appeared on Pulse's Pure Paranormal Show 14th February 2017 and will be appearing again for a further discussion in the near future with Tomo Warrington the show host.

Jason appeared on Pulse's Pure Paranormal Show 22nd August 2017 where they are discussing the latest paranormal news and introducing a brand new feature to the show Room 666.

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