Mark Howard

Mark Howard is an International renowned Spiritual Medium from the UK now living in Cape Town, South Africa. He has trained and appeared with some of the UK’s best mediums and is an active lead medium for the Scream Paranormal Investigation team.

He has investigated some of the most haunted locations in the UK including the infamous Black Swan Hotel in Wiltshire and the Black Horse Pub in Pluckley – reported to be the most haunted village in the UK. During a paranormal investigation at the Cage in Essex, UK, a location which was used to detain “witches” prior to being hanged; Mark indicated to the team that there were bodies buried under the floor. The area of the floor was excavated after the investigation and indeed revealed a number of human remains as Mark had correctly confirmed.

His services both as a medium and a tarot reader are in high demand in the UK to the extent that his frequent visits back means he is booked well in advance before each return back to his native homeland.

Here and Beyond with Mark Howard every Monday from 10.00pm to 12.00am with a mixture of music, live chat and discussion, with each week covering a different topic being on Paranormal and/or Conspiracy theories.......

Carla Ferri Rodger

Carla Ferri Rodgers is a little bit of a crazy, funny loyal and a no nonsense girl. She is a student at The University of West of Scotland which keeps her busy and music is my release. She is a Scottish/Italian rock and metal head and has been a DJ for over 10 years, in the clubs and more recently on-line radio stations including Total Biker FM (TBFM). She Ioves tattoos, guitars, fast cars, motorbikes and power walking. She has a cat called Muffin, who is a diva and understands her every mood.

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