Modern Day Witch Trial

We all have some knowledge of the Salem Witch Trials, however not many are aware that some witches have been put on trial in modern days. One such case related to Carole Compton as it was alleged that she was a witch because of a number of unusual paranormal events which occured during the Winter of 1983.

It all began in the Summer of 1982, Ayrshire, Scotland where Carole met her dream man, an italian military soldier who swept her off her feet. She was so taken with him that after only a few weeks she packed up and relocated to Italy to be closer to him. Unfortunately this decision would be the turning point that spun her life in a weird direction.

When Carol had settled in Italy she began looking for work and found a job of live-in nanny for the Ricci family dispite the work being quite mundane. Not long after she started work strange things kept happening around the home. The family maid noticed one afternoon that some of the Ricci family religious paintings had fallen off the wall just as Carole had passed by. If it was coincident or not the maid herself was a very religious woman and suspected that Carole was not right for the job, she secretly confessed how she felt to the Ricci family. The family were just days away from a busy vacation and so they decided to reassess Caroles position on their return and so in the meantime she would accompany them on the trip to the Italian Alps.

Whilst on holiday three mysterious fires broke out in the rented vacation home. The authorities confirmed that the strange fires were the cause of some faults with the electrical wiring at the home. The Ricci family were convinced it was Carole who had been the cause behind the fires even though there was a believable explanation for the fires; she was fired immediately as Nanny.

It did not take Carole long to obtain another nanny job, this time for the Tonti family who lived with their grandparents on the beautiful island of Elba. Once again as soon as Carole was working in the home they all began experiencing a number of paranormal activities that began with loud bangs on walls to objects moving on their own. Carole complained she was hearing unexplainable scratching sounds on the walls. The family witnessed on several occasions religious icons falling off the walls and countertops when Carole was present in the room.

The Tonti family began to suspect that the young woman was a witch, specifically a Strega Witch and Carole laughed it off. Unfortunately one evening a terrible fire broke out in the bedroom of the Tonti familys three year old daughter this nearly destroyed the whole house. Thank goodness no one was hurt although when the police arrived they recognized the strange young woman who had also been at the scene of the Ricci house fires. The police had no option when presented with the evidence and arrested Carole Compton and she was charged with attempted murder.

Thanks to the propaganda and press coverage and all the newspapers in Europe coming up with shocking headlines such as The Girl They Call a Witch. The public themselves were split down the middle, with one side shocked with Italys justice for going on a witch hunt, and others who believed that the woman had a pact with the devil and deserved to rot away in a prison for her crimes.

The parapsychologist Guy Lyon Playfair well known for this work in the Enfield Poltergeist case tried to get involved with the case. Carole felt that any connection to the paranormal even if to disprove she was a witch, would stain her reputation even further.

Carole never once admitted to having any abilities or confess to setting the strange fires. This however did not convince the courts and they kept her in prison for sixteen months before her trial was set. Several forensic experts testified that it was a strange nature to the bizarre fires, even going so far as to refer that they are abnormal. The courts were afraid the young womans supposed powers, that she was only allowed in the courtroom if she was kept safely inside a iron-barred cage.

Fortunately for Carole, she was found not guilty for attempted murder. On the other hand, she was charged with attempted arson and sentenced for one and a half years inside an Italian prison. Since she had spent the same amount of time awaiting her trial, Carole was released immediately, and for pretty obvious reasons, she moved to America and put the whole terrible spectacle behind her.

There have been plenty of theories about what exactly happened to Carole during the years she spent in Italy, some of which include poltergeist activity, psychokinesis, to unintentional magic spells cast. Even Carol herself suggested the possibility of a poltergeist, as the activity always seemed to get worse as the tensions inside the homes built. Years after the trial Carol wrote a book about the experience called SUPERSTITION: The True Story of the Nanny They Called a Witch, in which she recaps the experience from her point of view.

While theres no way to make any definitive conclusions about what happened during the months that Carole Compton lived with both the Ricci and Tonti families, anyone familiar with poltergeist activity knows that people often report experiencing a violent activity that can range from objects moving on their own, to mysterious fires.

Carole Compton has never once faltered on her innocence, and at the end of the day, all of the accusations are just rumors, undoubtably interesting ones. We will never truly know, but there is one thing we can all agree on the cases like the Nanny Witch will always captivate our imagination and keep the paranormal debate going for years to come.

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