Paul Devlin

Paul Devlin has over 20 years experience of researching the supernatural, as well as 7 years presenting experience, mainly in live radio.

He has a wealth of knowledge about the vast subject of the paranormal and has presented at seminars and conferences all over Europe. He is in demand because Paul believes that the views of sceptics are just as important as those of believers which enables him to give the subject the balance required.

Paul has a calming voice but also possesses a witty and fun side which makes him the ideal host for this subject matter.

Whilst presenting his long running radio show Paul has interviewed a range of guest including: dowsers, exorcists, ghost hunters, U.F.O researchers, conspiracy theorists and Jedi masters and even spiritual hairdressers.

Alien Skies and Spiritual Ties New Show starting 12th December 2018 every Wednesday from 8pm to 9pm with Paul Devlin the show is about aliens, UFO, abductions, bases on earth and cattle mutilation. Latest sightings UFO researcher reviews and Skywatches. Ancient aliens and of course the spiritual aspect thrown in demons, mothman, zombies, vampires and exorcists.

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