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I never asked to do this work, I was looking at religion in my life,my great uncle Dr James Lennon was a Bishop and all the emotions and feelings I was receiving pointed me towards becoming a priest and I was ready to accept this in my life. Sister Francis a good friend would sit and chat with me about the devotion to The Great Spirit or God. I still remember these feelings very well even to this day.

One afternoon I was visiting the Armagh Catherdral as I often did, and still do, I was allowed to go into varied places not normally open to the public, as my uncle was the bishop, I decided to go up to the pulpit where priests give their sermons. I tried to imagine what it might be like to address a congregation and give a sermon. As i leaned against the beautiful red velvet cover and imagined, I distinctly heard a voice say "Not like this, not this way" and turned round expecting to be told off and I heard it again "not this way". I decided to proceed down the pulpit steps slightly shaken there I met my mum at the bottom who was cleaning the cathedral she said "well, how did it fit". I said in reply to her "sorry mum, not like this, and not this way" my mum was an amazing lady, and very quick witted, she without hesitation said "ahh well, at least I won't have to call you father", I gave her a cuddle and left the cathedral.

My return to the pulpit was many years later and after I had begun to discover and develop as a medium. My teacher took me to various churches where I would stand up and do readings for various spiritual motivational books and teachings, of course deliver messages from those who have crossed over. I would feel the same familiar feelings that I had known as a young man in Ireland. I knew that they had brought me to where I was supposed to be in their own words "like this, this is the way".

My shows now range from audiences of small family or friend size group to the multiples of hundreds. One of my favourite sessions is "Family" where I come to the home of a family member and the rest of the family turn up for a night of fun and catching up, spending time together with the people they love and my job is to involve those who are there in spirit to present messages and brings the whole night together. It is brilliant to see that which i preach, communicate, appreciate and validate all those in your life every chance you get.

Guiding Lights with Paul Francis on Monday 26th November from 8pm to 10pm... ....

Charmaine Howard

Charmaine Howard is a Reiki Master and Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Emotional Freedom Counsellor from Cape Town, South Africa. Married to Mark Howard, she has studied and consulted with some of the top people in her field to be recognised as one of the country's leading holistic and wellness healers and trainers today. Her continuation and devotion to her field and study ensures that she is always at hand to have the latest information on our health and (whilst) working closely with her Guides,

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