Philip Solomon

Philip Solomon has been acknowledged by many as one of the world's top Spiritualist mediums. He is also an author of 30 published books including several best-sellers, and past and present has been a feature writer for Take A Break's Fate & Fortune magazine, Psychic World, Psychic News, Haunted magazine, Express & Star and many others at home and abroad.

He has also worked in radio and television as both broadcaster and celebrity guest for many years for organisations such as the BBC and other similar organisations at home and abroad and has written literally thousands of feature stories for many major media corporations. Philip felt that the best medium he was priviledge to work with was Derek Acorah however he has a number of good friends from the spiritual and paranormal world. Having worked with Dr Hans Holzer parapsychologist and author of Murder In Amityville they consequently wrote a book together Beyond Death - Conditions in the After Life. Dr Holzer stated that Philip was the finest medium of our time. He also writes about sport and self-improvement techniques, teaches all areas of the psychic world and was the first person to teach such subjects at higher education. He has a BA Hons degree, Post Graduate Teaching Certificate, (CTLLS), he also has diplomas in Hypnothearpy, Hyponotism and Reiki Healing and is a Reiki Master. In 2016 Philip became an ordained reverend minister in the New Spiritualists' Society. A radio and television presenter of many years experience, he has a host of friends within the spiritual and paranormal world and will bring them as guests to his radio show every week, alongside lectures, talks and, of course, great chat about all things psychic and paranormal.

The Psychic and Spiritual World of Philip Solomon with International World Renowned Psychic Medium Philip Soloman every Tuesday from 8.30pm to 10.00pm. Philip's show will bring you interviews from the major names from the spiritual, psychic and paranormal world, free online readings and much more! He will also be bringing you music from many top unsigned bands. .....

paul francis

The thing is, I never asked to do this work, I was looking at religion in my life, my great uncle Dr James Lennon was a Bishop and all the emotions and feelings I was receiving seemed to be pointing me towards becoming a priest, I was all ready to accept this in my life, I used to sit with a good friend at the time Sister Francis and chat to her about the devotion to The Great Spirit or God if you prefer, my ideals were perfect, I hated violence and upset, I despised negativity and yearned for peace in everyones lives, I remember these feelings so very well even to this day.

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