Possessed china doll

A haunted doll has been the centre of the headlines after being sold recently on ebay. The former owners were terrified having been left covered in scratches and the new owner's dad was also inflicted with scratches.

The new owner first saw the doll when the bidding was at 800 pounds. He took a stab in the dark and thought we would try and bid for it to get it. They were looking for the doll to make history and beat the price of the highest sold haunted item which it beat hands down. When they realised that they were successful they were in awe having just bought one of the internet's most famous haunted items.

Debbie Merrick's creepy figure appeared on ITV's This Morning after she revealed its spooky antics, which included setting off fire alarms and removing its own necklace.

Lee Steer, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire in the UK, has since bagged the coveted creepy item after a tense international bidding war between paranormal enthusiasts. After the doll arrived at the 30 year old paranormal investigator's home the doll struck again where he lives with his parents Paul and Amy Steer. Lee's dad 54, discovered unusual tiny scratches on his right arm which resembled the injuries apparently inflicted on Debbie's husbands leg that were thought to be the same size as a doll's hand.

Since the scratches appeared Paul Lee's dad who is a true paranormal believer didn't feel comfortable with the doll being in the house. That wasn't the only strange experience Lee has experienced since bringing the doll into his home. Lee has a picture propped up on the floor and in the dark he could hear a unusual sound, and when he put the light on and looked, the picture frame had completely dismantled itself. They have also heard strange noises and seen flickering lights. The weekend before the said doll arrived at Lee's home they were putting things away and started a conversation about her, all of a sudden the picture of The Crying Boy which was hung up on his wall started swinging on its own.

They set up live stream opening of the doll and 35,000 people watched, a light that was used started flickering, it was a strobe. It was the first time that had ever happened. Lots of people contacted Lee saying they could see the doll's eyes moving around. Lee used a random words app that some people believe can manipulate spirits to communicate and when he asked the doll for its name the app said Samantha. He also told the app that he really wanted to piss the doll off and the app stated Strike Lee. The conclusion he came from this is if it uses random words then it shouldn't make sense but it did.

Having looked into the doll Lee believes he may have found a connection to suggest the doll has an innate hatred of married men; this would explain the attacks on his dad and former owner Debbie's husband Cameron. He is planning to put this to the test by asking some married couples to look after the doll, they already have volunteers. Lee has done some research and he found out it's from America where that kind of doll is given to newly married couples.

Debbie the former owner was not surprised that the doll continued to cause havoc. She was glad to have got rid of the doll but had been keeping herself updated on what had happened. It was gobsmacking when Lee messaged to say his dad had been scratched as well. It did not surprise me when he opened it live that the lights were flickering. The night before we went on This Morning in the hotel we stayed at the lights above our dinner table in the restaurant were flickering and then later in our room they were flickering rapidly but only the area in the room the doll was in. I know people have been mocking the whole thing but the fact that Lee's dad was scratched as well means there is something going on with the doll.

Neil Packer from Haunted Antiques and a previous guest on the Pure Paranormal show has spoken to the owner of the doll Lee Steer who has expressed an interest to allow the doll to be at his museum to conduct his own experiments. He wrote an article and this is what we can expect with regards to his own dealings about the doll.

I'm always looking to push the barriers within the paranormal field. The energy within my haunted antiques museum is building most definitely. You can feel it when you walk in. The live feeds are growing nicely and are being well received. It's something different that all the viewers can join in with and be a part of.

One item that has been making all the headlines. It's been featured in national newspapers and even appeared on TV. Sometimes receiving bad comments from people. I like to reserve my judgment of anything until I've seen it for myself. Conducted my own experiments. Arrived at my own conclusions.

There will be live feeds each evening of her stay with us showing the varied experimental ideas that we have. There will also be a 24/7 live stream of the museum room with the doll inside. We already have ideas whizzing around our heads but one will be for one member of the haunted antiques team to actually spend the whole night sleeping in the museum. So join us during the live feeds coming soon with The Haunted Bride Doll.

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