Richard Felix

Richard Felix has been haunted by ghosts since an early age but he is not a psychic and is frightened of ghosts. His passion has always been history and he specialises in military history with leanings towards disasters e.g. Custers Last Stand, The Alamo and the Titanic. Richard is a great believer that ghosts and history go together, he firmly believes that ghosts exist. He has seen and heard ghosts however he still remains firmly on the fence and is sceptical about most ghostly occurrences. He feels that eight out of ten can be explained.

Richard lives with his wife Julia, sons Edward and William and a menagerie of dogs and cats in a haunted medieval moated site in rural Derbyshire. For many years Richard has given lectures and speeches to W I Rotary Clubs and after dinner speeches. He specialised subjects are The Paranormal, (What is a Ghost), Murder Crime and Punishment, Executions ,the Charge of The Light Brigade, Bonnie Prince Charlie , Mary Queen of Scots, Derby the Cross Roads of History. Royal Murders, Bloodstained Britain.

In 1992 Richard opened The Derby Heritage Centre that was a tudor grammam school with ghosts and this started the beginnings for the now famous Derby Ghost Walk whic Richard specialises in ghost tours around the UK and Ireland. Several years ago he opened the haunted Derby Gaol which was the scene of the last hanging. drawing and quartering in England.

When Richard embarked on the Ghost Tour of Great Britain he visited every county and recorded these onto DVD's of the haunted tales. In all he has made fifty DVD's. They have been put in book format and is selling throughout Great Britain.

The knowledge and expertise that Richard has gathered over the years brought him to the attention of TV and radio and he appeared on many paranormal programmes. This brought him the role of Paranormal Historian on the world acclaimed TV programme Most Haunted. He currently is working on a new tv show which explores all aspects of the paranormal.

Richard Felix appeared on Pulse's Pure Paranormal Show 21st November 2017 with Tomo Warrington & Barry Frankish Co host of the Pure Paranormal Show

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