The Anguished Man

The whole family were starting to see things and at night they would often hear crying and sobbing noises and started to see a shadowy figure of a man in the house just out the corner of the eye. As time went by the crying and noises got alot worse and Sean woke up suddenly a few nights to see a dark figure of a man stood at the foot of his bed.

The family were also starting to notice cold spots around the house and frequently felt like they were being watched. He very often felt as if someone was standing directly behind him and heard whispers which seemed very close.

Sean's wife decided to have an early night one evening and when she felt someone getting into bed beside her thought it was him but when she turned around found herself staring into a strangers eyes. Obviously she became very upset and the whole experience shook her up. After her experience his wife persuaded him to put the painting back into their cellar because they had no activity when painting was downstairs in cellar.

Sean decided to set up a video camera in an attempt to record paranormal activity. He placed the painting back in the top bedroom. After several days recording over a number of weeks he had managed to record alot of noises and strange scraping sounds and loud bangs. On one evening he recorded the bedroom door suddenly swinging shut even though no drafts were in that room.

His wife felt someone stroke her hair when in the bathroom one night. Sean also saw a strange fog like mist at the top of the stairs and he walkted into the middle of it apparently it was very cold and felt like dry ice. He also described that his vision was affected and he became light headed. He advised that if vanished as fast as it came.

Sean really liked the painting and his wife didn't so the painting was kept in the cellar. When the painting was in the cellar his dog would not go in there and would just stand outside growling. After the cellar flooded after severe periods of heavy rain the contents of his cellar were put in his parent's garage while his cellar dried out.

After getting the painting back he decided to put the painting in the spare bedroom on the third floor of his house. After a short period of time he and his family started hearing strange noises, loud unexplained bangs and odd scrapping sounds like nails scratching on fabric. Sean's dog refused to go to the top floor even though she would normally follow him everywhere.

Sean had always liked the odd looking oil painting in his grandmother's home which was hidden under lots of curtains in the basement. He found himself drawn to it by a unusual force and spent a bit of time alone staring at it for hours.

When his grandmother passed away she left the painting to him. He was told by his grandmother that a friend has given her the old oil painting over twenty five years ago. She advised Sean that the painting was called 'The Anguished Man' and that the artist had used his own blood mixed in with the oils, he also committed suicide shortly after completing the painting.

While the painting remained upstairs the whole family experienced feelings of being watched. Sean also began to experience intense feelings of dread and having anxiety attacks he also suffered from terrible nightmares. For a while he felt like he was being violently lifted up out of bed and slammed back down. He also recorded several strange light anomalies.

A few days after he had packed up the video equipment Sean heard his sons footsteps coming down the stairs and suddenly he stumbled and fell down the last few steps. His son was ok if a little shaken up and seemed a bit quiet. After a few hours he asked his son if something was bothering him and after persuasion he told him that he was walking down the stairs when he felt pressure on his back and was pushed forward and felt a strong force behind him. Sean was obviously concerned about his families well being and the painting was placed back in the cellar and activity stopped.

Sean updated his information in 2013. He had to temporarily move in with his parents and took the painting with him. Having only been in their house a few days noises started again and then on the third night his father fell down the stairs luckily he was ok and he had the same experience as my son. After this he put the painting in storage.

Sean had been working closely with John Blackburn and Ian Lawman of the Mysteria Paranormal group, taking the painting to known haunted locations in the UK these included 35 Stonegate at York and Chillingham Castle in Northumberland.

He recorded that on the evening of 18 May 2013 at Chillingham Castle a group of people experienced terrifying and unexplained phenomenon. The guests were unprepared for what would happen in the early hours of Sunday morning. The room went icy cold when a large, dark figure appeared in the middle of the seance circle.

A large wooden bench banged on the floor by its own means in response to John Blackburn's questions regarding the painting. All of a sudden the bench was flipped upside-down violently by what was believed to be John Sage, one of Chillingham Castle's resident powerful spirits, who it was thought showed his anger to a foreign, uninvited spirit to his castle.

Investigator John Blackburn stated it was the strangest experience in all his years of paranormal investigation and the experience was shared with approximately 20 witnesses.

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