Thomas Warrington

Thomas began his paranormal journey at the age of ten on receiving a book regarding the Enfield poltergeist. From that moment he knew his passion and love affair for the strange and sub normal, which range from poltergeists to ufo's.

Thomas has worked with many ghost hunting companies, local groups and has now begun his journey into writing for some of the biggest paranormal magazines in the world which include, Phenomena magazine, Supernatural magazine, Beyond Parazine and others.

He is the presenter of the Pure Paranormal Show alongside his co host Barry Frankish and has had many famous and fantastic guests from around the world they include Kieran O'Keefe, Jason Love, Barry Fitzgerald and Stephen Volk.

If you would like to be a guest on the Pure Paranormal show or you are looking to sponsor the Pure Paranormal show please contact Tomo for more details on prices E-mail

Pure Paranormal Show Every Tuesday night from 7pm to 8.30pm with Tomo Warrington & Co-host Barry Frankish join them for their dry wit discussions and many fascinating guests

Barry Frankish

Barry first encountered the paranormal as a teenager however he did not resume his interest until he had a family and nearly died from a serious cycling accident as he had not worn a helmet which put life in perspective for him. He built up a vast library of related books and starting investigating public areas at first. Through word of mouth other people starting to contact him regarding their experiences and so he recorded his experiences and the ones that others have been sharing.

As years went by he has tried many methods of paranormal research and he noticed that when he starting using social media there were many groups for near enough anything and so this gave him an idea to create a public paranormal

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