After many years working in the paranormal field we decided we needed a new positive focus for our work. Dispite having become rather disillusioned with certain aspects of the paranormal business such as venue costs and other groups our dedication, passion and expertise seemed somewhat wasted so in 2014 Pulse Talk Radio began.

Pulse Talk Radio a station that is dedicated to provide the best in paranormal and alternative programming. The aims of the station are to bring unique and thought provoking programmes to our listeners every day.

We would like to engage with our listeners and encourage them to interact with our station. We want to provide presenters that are experts in their field and encourage new presenters to join and provide new programme ideas. We will provide relevant training and support to our volunteers and if you would like to get involved in the radio station there are a number of volunteer opportunities these include radio presenting, technical support, programme researcher etc.

It is important to hear your views and opinions and we would like feedback from our volunteers and listeners so we can adapt and grow the station in a positive way.


Elizabeth lee-crowther
Elizabeth has been in the Radio Industry for over 10 years. Her background includes Teaching, Counselling and previously running her own business. Elizabeth is a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator and has recently released her first book 'Life by Numbers'........
Tracey became interested in the paranormal when she was a child because her grandmother was always talking about predictions and what would happen in the future. In her teenage years she lived in Germany as her dad was in the army, they lived in the town of Bergen....
Carl has always been a strong believer in the paranormal and had his first paranormal experience when he was about six years old. His grandfather worked as a live in caretaker at the Old Palace Deansway in Worcester and Carl would stay with his grandparents....
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