17/04/2022    15/04/2024


My name is Heidi Elisabeth Hansen. I am a paranormal/spiritual author. My first ever contact with God happened in the tender age as a 6-month-old baby.Throughout my life I have had countless moving miraculous events happening.

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07/04/2021    06/10/2023


In 2010, Georgie had an Angelic intervention which changed her life and took her from stressed and depressed, to fulfilled and blessed. An Angel named Love spoke through Georgie whilst she attended a spiritual development group. During the Angel’s visit, Georgie went into an altered state of awareness, her metaphysical appearance and voice changed, and the Angel, Love, informed the group that she had come to help heal her Soul and connect her to her Life’s Purpose.

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06/06/2021    05/06/2023


Helius' vision on this spiritual journey is to help as many people as he can, and to see a real difference made to people's lives, by enabling them to make slight changes within their soul level and help them to move forward in life and feel good about themselves.

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